Austin Electro Rocker’s GOBI added to Step Up Roster !!!

By April 21, 2010In The News

We are happy to add Austin electro rockers, GOBI, to the Step Up Roster  ! Contact Neel Brown for bookings and other management related inquires !

The story of GOBI begins in the far west corner of Texas, along the border of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, where Justin Dillon and Phil Arciniega first met. Frequenting the clubs along Ciudad Juarez’s strip, the two would be exposed to the relentless house beats and minimal tech sounds that echoed from the steaming clubs. The long nights dancing and being captive to the groove led them to a curious passion and relentless drive for the art of creating their crossover sound of electro production, that heavily draws from the uptempo Dj/dance culture, and the raw swagger of hip-hop.

The duo left El Paso and moved into a house in the heart of San Marcos, Texas.  While attending college they began producing for hip-hop artists and the “Lindsey House”, became infamous for dance parties, and inevitable chaos. Soon, it became known as the house where GOBI lived. When the two ventured up the street to attend a party, they stumbled upon the missing link. In a pitch black room, packed with swaying bodies, and the stiff stench of sweat, was a force igniting in the corner. Upon meeting Matthew Kevin Dunn, GOBI was born. The group immediately recorded a demo in 2007, and in 2008, moved to Austin. The trio’s debut ep “The Poltergeist Arcade” made the University of Texas KVRX top 40 in its first days of rotation, and the single, “Dirty Dancin'”, is quickly staking its claim as the new party anthem for a generation thriving for a good time.

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