Daft Punk “Get Lucky” [ft. Pharrell] Daft Life Limited / Columbia

“We’ve come too far, to give up who we are.” So goes the hook for the first single from Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, which first existed as a ten-second loop (eventually extended to a more DJ-friendly length of ten hours), then a 70-seconds-long bi-coastal ad that premiered at Coachella and on “Saturday Night Live”. You can scan the lyric as a line about empowerment or emancipation, but coming from Pharrell, it very well could be just about emancipating some Eres thongs on a Saturday night.
“Get Lucky”‘s real elegance lies in the hands of Nile Rodgers, which is no doubt the Robots’ intent. With that sprightly, ageless platinum guitar riff, “Get Lucky” emulates the type of choppy lines Nile once gave to Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” thirty-plus years ago. The vocodered break from Daft Punk thrills as well, but Rodgers is the reason that ten seconds of “Get Lucky” could dilate into minutes and hours of pleasure without tedium ever settling in.

By Andy Beta; April 19, 2013