GOBI: The Poltergiest Arcade

By July 23, 2010Music & Reviews

Y’all know I’m a big fan of Austin’s burgeoning electronic-dance scene. We’ve got SOOO much talent in this city, and I’m glad things are moving back towards my ravey roots. Sadly, the bros from Auto Body recently moved to New York, leaving us with a bit of a void in the true club-inspired dance acts.

Have no fear, my friends: When one door closes, another one opens. And that door is an inter-planetary portal opening to Austin’s electro-dance band GOBIGOBI’s new EP, The Poltergeist Arcade, is a true space odyssey, taking you on a cosmic mind trip so intense, you’ll wonder if you’d been i-dosed.

The opening track Strobe Lights is like waking up from hypersleep. You’re a little groggy. The spaceship starts moving slowly out of orbit. The robot-like vocals bring you to consciousness as the playful synths blow a little solar winds your way.

By the time the 2nd track Dirty Dancin’ starts up, you’re awake, walking around, saying hello to your fellow passengers. Smile on your face, stars beam through the ship’s windows as you’re “feeling amazin’ so Patrick Swayze. Do the right moves, with the right shoes, Rick James attitude.” You’re groovin down those hallways–and that Thrillier-like synth line and guitar groove bring a little bit of space fog to your feet as you dance towards the bridge.

Bonefreeze drops some driving beats over an 80′s guitar riff, leaving us zooming through hyperspace. And the bouncey arcade-like keyboard lets us know that this is serious business. In fact, it’s almost like we’re flying the ship in the video game classic Asteroids.

The fourth track, Poltergeist Arcade, has a more rock/funk-inspired tone. It’s starts off with some re-assuring synths, which quickly take a back seat to the guitars and drums. It’s almost like now you’ve dropped out of hyperspace into cruising speed–still a few asteroids to avoid, but you’re coming out of the rough and into smooth sailing.

For those of you missing the synths, they come back for the last track, Music Save Me. The last dance, the song brings you back to Earth. Safe from harm, you watch the ship continue on its funky voyage through the milk way and beyond.

Yeah. I was definitely i-dosed.

-Chris Apollo Lynn