LMFAO Sorry For Party Rocking (Interscope)

By June 30, 2011Music & Reviews

This Los Angeles party-hop duo can’t decide if they want to rhyme like the Beastie Boys or booty-croon like Taio Cruz. So on their second album (which includes the hit “Party Rock Anthem”), they do both, making for a disc of brain-cell-depleting jams. MC-DJs Redfoo and Sky Blu turn in some skillful hip-hop – see “Take It to the Hole,” featuring Busta Rhymes – but also get seriously stupid, rapping about spanking girls and bathing in champagne, over a cheesy pastiche of Eighties synths and pounding beats. LMFAO have, however, penned “Hot Dog,” the greatest tune about blowing off a diet for a late-night frankfurter.

By Caryn Ganz