By August 16, 2011Music & Reviews

Here’s the latest from The Beatards, the remix EP featuring remixes by Clockwork, Emynd, DJ Teenwolf, Cobra Krames, Hellfire Machina, and more! With the upcoming album I’m the DJ due out in late August, the Beatards have commissioned some of the today’s most watched producers + friends to re-work your favorite Beatards tracks. Check them out below…

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“Don’t Step on My Sneakers (Hellfire Machine Remix)” | Soundcloud
“I’m The DJ (Hellfire Machina Remix)” | Soundcloud
From A&R and production credits on last years Wu Tang Enter The Dubstep album, 30 plus single releases and remixes, running the biggest dubstep monthly in New York City, holding down DJ residencies all over the country, Hellfire Machina are not slowing down in 2011. With two remixes on the Beatards EP, both are sure to be bring the BASS.

Hip-Hop / Nola Bound / B-More Club
“Get Lite (Emynd Remix)” | Soundcloud
Emynd, the Philadelphia-based DJ, Producer, and Record Label owner has made his mark by successfully producing an extremely wide variety of club-crushing anthems. Ranging in style from Baltimore Club, New Orleans Bounce, House, and Old School Electro/Bass to traditional Hip-Hop production work with a variety of rappers, Emynd gives us his take on “Get Lite.”

“Getting Jacked (Morsy Remix)”| Souncloud
Producer by day, DJ by night, Morsy is a non-stop musical powerhouse invigorating audiences worldwide. The NYC resident and member of Top Billin Records gives us a bouncy remix of “Gettin Jacked”, teaching a thing or two about the Brooklyn nightlife and making us wish we there. Bring pepper spray and/or a tazer.

“Tramp (Cobra Krames Remix)” | Soundcloud
Brooklyn based Cobra Krames has been putting a stamp on club music for many moons! The attention to detail is like that of a cheetah stomping its prey, infallible. Take that vocab to the studio or the night club & you’ll find booties bouncing everywhere. The curator of the infamous ‘Trunkstep’, Cobra Krames mixes hip-hop beats & grooves with dubstep influenced sounds.

“Tramp (DJO Remix)” | Soundcloud
The Beatard’s DJO unabashedly mashes their very own “Tramp” with Nu Shooz’s “I Can’t Wait”, forming a sensible nu-pop classic. To kick it up a notch, he pulls the iconic horn sample from The Beastie Boy’s “Brass Monkey” – skillfully taking the edge off by slowing it down a couple clicks – and mixes it under the sections where UTK and Chuck Wild really start to cook. This a classic homage to The Beatard’s heroes and truly shows off their style and grace in the remix forum.

And in case you missed it…
“Neon Light (Ibe Remix)” + “Tramp (Clockwork Moombahton Remix)”

Look for the full length I’m The DJ out in late August!