We here at Step Up know that the key to success is being creative and thinking outside of the box. We will market your product or brand in a creative way that will be sure to make heads turn.Remember the Microsoft butterfly’s that swarmed through the New York City region? How about the giant Diabetes Coca Cola that starting appearing all over the Bay around the mid term elections that warned people of the health issues associated with drinking soda? We made those campaigns happen. Ever hear of reverse graffiti or beamvertising? Those are just a few of our guerilla street tactics. We have our ear to the street, and know how to create a buzz that is sure to stick.

Anti Soda Campaign

Best Buy


Hawaiian Style

LA Council District 13

Naruto Anime

Prop 8

Tony Hawk & Cartoon Network

UFO Records

US Department of Education | Summer of Learning Campaign


Walmart | Reverse ‘Green’ Stenciling

Western Union

Yoga Works

Zatchbelle Cartoon