Crystal Castles @ Siren Studios

By November 8, 2009Shows & Events

Wow .. Big Thanks to KIA Motors for bringing a solid 4 days of dope music to the kids in LA. Thursday night was insane withe a line around the block. Thanks to my homeboy Brian Booring for running out between sets and doing sound to get me and my crew in. I’m not usually into strobe lights, but I have to say Crystal Castles could hold it down Crystal Castles Live in LA 11.5.09 Security was holding the lead singer on stage so she didn’t fall into the crowed.. Ahh .. the life of a rock star..

Friday was Diplo Of course the kids came out for this one. I wonder if they gave Diplo a Free Car… Ahh the life of a rock star ..

Saturday night Janelle Monae ripped it like Tony Hawk did 10 years ago. That girl has some pipes. She’s also not a bad artist. After painting a picture on canvas and throwing it into the crowed. Glad I wasn’t in the front to get paint all up on my new jacket.. Although I won’t be ebaying that painting later in the night for way more than what my jacket cost. Ahh the life of a rock star …

Today the Silver Sun Pick Up’s will tear it up. However, I think I’m all KIA’d out so may have to wait until next year.. Plus I think they ran out of free beer..